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Research is empowered by its impact on the communities we serve: the greater understanding and support our research has in the community, the more likely it is to be successful in achieving our goals of advancing the possibilities of health.

The Community Outreach Committee exists to help you maximize the impact of your research on our local and global communities. Contact us to discuss how your research can have greater integration with the community or how you can join the committee.



Jeremy J. Biggs, MD, MSPH

Jeremy J. Biggs, MD, MSPH, FACOEM is an Associate Professor and board-certified occupational medicine physician. Dr. Biggs currently serves as the Medical Director for the Rocky Mountain Specialty Services Clinic, and the Medical Director of the Hospital Workwellness clinic, and RedMed Employee health clinic. Dr. Biggs also serves as a Medical Director of Occupational Medicine for University of Utah Environmental Health and Safety office. During the COIVD-19 pandemic he worked with various groups to provide a coordinated response to protect employees during the PPE shortage and started a new group of "PPE Czars" to address these issues. For this response he coordinated with various specialists to develop new PPE and new environmental protection for employees and patients. He also specializes in firefighter and police officer health and safety, impairment ratings, functional capacity evaluations, VO2 Max testing, workers compensation causation analysis, and OSHA/MSHA mandated physical examinations (also known as hazmat examinations). Dr. Biggs earned his medical degree from the University of Utah in 2006 as a junior member of Alpha Omega Alpha and was the recipient of the Deans Award.
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Read about how Dr. Biggs helped the Utah Judicial System continue their important work during the COVID-19 pandemic.