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Nepal Partners

Nepal Health Care Cooperative (NEHCO)
Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH)
Project Hope
TIME LINE: Indefinite


Workforce research
Objective: to evaluate the role and career path of the Nepal Health Assistant (HA) an analogue to the US Physician Assistant


Student Clinical Rotations
Objective: to provide a clinically and culturally relevant 4-week elective experience for PA and medical students from the University of Utah with time split between inpatient specialty experience at the Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu and primary care experience at rural health posts in the region of the Annapurna circuit.

Disaster Relief
Objective: partnering with Project Hope to provide medical relief after the April 25, 2015 Earthquake – assisting Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital.


    • Pedersen K, Pedersen DM, Shrestha RP. Human Resources for Health: A Needs Assessment of the Nepal Health Assistant – A Physician Assistant Analogue. J of Physician Assistant Educations. 26 (1), 53 – 57. March 2015
    • Proceedings from the 1st Annual Seminar on Nepal Health Assistant (HA) and US Physician Assistant (PA) Collaboration. April 24, 2015. Yellow Pagoda Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal