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Allyson Gilles

Research Scientist

Division of Public Health
Trained as a developmental-clinical psychologist, Allyson’s overall research interest is to examine and address sleep-health disparities in Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations within a community-based participatory model. Her primary research goals are to identify bidirectional sleep-health relationships within a cultural framework, develop clinical tools that promote sleep-health risk prevention, and decrease the high prevalence of cardiometabolic disease that are often associated with sleep disturbance beginning at a young age through multi-generational treatment methods.

Krista Ocier, PhD, MPH

Post-Doc Res Associate

Krista is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Utah Public Health Division. She began pursuing her MPH degree in University of Utah Asia Campus, located in Songdo, South Korea, where her interest in gerontology inspired her academic pursuits. Krista aims to continue her research in the aging population as well as aging-related diseases among cancer survivors. In addition to advocating for older adults, future ambitions hope to include research in people with disabilities.