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Public Health Statistics Certificate - Required Courses

Choose 9 credit hours of PBHLT courses and 6 credits of STAT courses from the following.

PBHLT courses: 9 credits

Please be mindful that some of these choices have many prerequisites and others have few prerequisites. It is the student’s responsibility to satisfy the prerequisites of the courses they select.

PBHLT 6106 Categorical Data Analysis (Pre-requisites PBHLT 6100, 6300, MATH 1210, 1220, 2270, 5080, 5090 AND INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Every other Fall 19’
PBHLT 6107 Survival Analysis (Prerequisites: 'B-' or better in (PBHLT 6100 AND 6300) AND (MATH 1210 AND 1220 AND 2270 AND 5080 AND 5090) AND Instructor Consent) Spring
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology I (Pre-requisite INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 7100 Biostatistics II (Pre-requisite PBHLT 6100) 3 Spring
PBHLT 7115 Causal Methods in Public Health (Corequisite: PBHLT 6300 AND PBHLT 7100 AND Instructor Consent) Spring
PBHLT 7300 Epidemiology II (Pre-requisite PBHLT 6300) 3 Fall
PBHLT 7120 Linear and Logistic Regression Models (Pre-Requisite PBHLT 7100 AND Instructor Consent) 3 Fall
PBHLT 7130 Longitudinal Data Analysis (Pre-Requisites PBHLT 6100, 6300, 7120, MATH 5080,5090 AND INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Spring

Statistics Electives: minimum of 6 credit hours

Students will select a minimum of two electives (6 credits) from the list below:

Please note that the semester of the approved elective courses listed below are subject to change.

STAT 6003 Survey of Statistical Computer Packages 3 Fall/Spring
STAT 6769 Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Models 3
STAT 6969 Spec Topic in Statistics 3 Spring
STAT 6571 Found. Of Applied Data Anal. & Visualization 3
STAT 6572 Nonparametric Statistics 3
STAT 6573 Practical Data Science 3
STAT 6574 Intro to Bayesian Methods 3

Total: 15 credits

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