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Elevating Public Health and Wellbeing for Individuals and Communities
Embark on a transformative academic journey with the School of Medicine Division of Physician Assistant Studies and the Division of Public Health. This unique dual degree program empowers students to attain both a Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree concurrently. This innovative blend of PA training and public health expertise empowers graduates to provide comprehensive care and tackle the unique challenges faced by underserved communities. Equipped with the skills to manage chronic conditions and utilize data-driven approaches in public health, graduates will be exceptionally well-prepared to address the diverse needs of underserved patients.

The University of Utah Division of Public Health and Physician Assistant Studies programs are esteemed leaders in their respective fields, with a strong focus on primary care. The MPAS program holds the distinguished rank of #2 in the country according to US News & World Report for public institutions. The Division of Public Health (MPH) programs also garner recognition, securing the #55 spot nationally in the same ranking.

The Dual MPAS/MPH degree is efficiently completed over 32 months, providing students with time-saving benefits, enhanced specialization, and an amplified capacity to offer primary care within a crucial emphasis on public health and epidemiology. By merging the strengths and objectives of the MPAS and MPH programs, this dual degree program attracts a diverse cohort of students from across the nation, all united by a shared commitment to enhance public health. While pursuing these two degrees sequentially would necessitate 51 months, the dual degree path empowers highly-qualified students to earn both degrees in just 32 months, resulting in substantial cost savings. This integrated curriculum permits MPAS/MPH students to commence their training two semesters prior to embarking on the MPAS curriculum, ensuring timely graduation and the acquisition of both MPAS and MPH degrees.

Prospective students apply to the MPH and the PA programs by the specified admissions deadline. Those aiming to enroll in the MPAS/MPH program need to meet the prevailing admission criteria of the University of Utah and secure separate acceptances into the MPAS and MPH programs. Upon individual acceptance to both programs, students become eligible to commence the Dual Degree program.

Given the demanding nature of PA education, the program already accommodates exceptions to graduate credit limits. The initial 2 semesters of the dual degree program is dedicated to the public health curriculum, encompassing a total of 21 credits. Students subsequently transition into the MPAS coursework, engaging with the PA program for four didactic semesters, during which their focus remains solely on PA coursework.

The ensuing phases, encompass the clinical segment of the PA curriculum. Within this clinical phase, students will fulfill the requirements of the Public Health Practicum and Capstone.

Upon the successful fulfillment of all prescribed course components of the dual degree program as outlined above, students will graduate with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree, as well as a Master of Public Health degree.

Both the Master in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) and the Master in Public Heath (MPH) programs have been described as sister programs due to the shared esprit de corps and numerous collaborative activities. Both programs have similar missions to train students to become professionals who will serve to improve health in medically underserved and socially/economically disadvantaged populations. This joint program will enhance the ability of PA clinicians to serve these unique populations by providing a broad skillset to graduates. MPH training for clinicians is common at the University of Utah and nationally providing medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and nutritionists who enroll in the programs, both as students and as practicing professionals, invaluable additional skills. The inclusion of PAs in this group of MPH trained medical providers is a natural and intuitive next step. Graduation from the University of Utah with an MPAS/MPH dual degree will produce a highly trained graduate with the necessary skills in both the PA and public health arenas to make significant impacts to health on the local, national, and global scales.


Required Courses Fall
PBHLT 6400 Public Health Management & Practice 3
PBHLT 6500 Public Health Systems & Services 3
PBHLT 6100 Biostatistics 3
PBHLT 6600 Social & Behavioral Science in Public Health 3
Required Courses Spring
PBHLT 6700 Environmental & Biological Science in Public Health 3
PBHLT 6550 Public Health Program Planning, Evaluation, and Implementation 3
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology 1 3
Physician Assistant Program begins May (Summer 1)
PAS 6015 Mission in Practice I 1
PAS 6010 Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice I 1
PAS 6020 Applied Anatomy 3
PAS 6030 Physiology 1 1.5
PAS 6040 Mechanisms of Health and Disease 2
PAS 6050 Medical Interviewing 2
PAS 6060 Infectious Disease 3
PAS 6070 Clinical Pharmacology 1
Required Courses Fall 2
PAS 6016 Mission in Practice-2 1
PAS 6011 Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice 2 1
PAS 6031 Physiology 2 1.5
PAS 6140 Tutorials (PPM-1 Patient Problem Management 1) 1
PAS 6080 Lab Interpretation 1
PAS 6090 Pediatrics 3
PAS 6250 EENT 1
PAS 6130 Ophthalmology 1
PAS 6110 Pulmonology 2
PAS 6120 Endocrinology 2
PAS 6115 Cardiovascular Medicine 3
Required Courses Spring 2
PAS 6017 Mission in Practice-3 1
PAS 6970 Master's Project 1 1
PAS 6141 Tutorials (PPM-2 Patient Problem Management 2)/Friday Clinic/IPE 2
PAS 6150 Hematology/Oncology 2
PAS 6160 Neurology 2
PAS 6170 Gastroenterology 2
PAS 6095 Geriatrics 1
PAS 6190 Psychiatry 2
PAS 6180 Nephrology 2
PAS 6260 Urology 1
Required Courses Summer 2
PAS 6018 Mission in Practice-4 1
PAS 6971 Master's Project 2 1
PAS 6210 Women's Health 2
PAS 6220 Musculoskeletal/Rheumatology 2
PAS 6215 Obstetrics 1
PAS 6230 Dermatology 1
PAS 6240 Hospital Medicine
IP Med / OR / EM 4

Clinical Year

PAS 6071 Preceptorship I 9
PBHLT 6900 Practicum 6
PBHLT 6900 Capstone 3
PAS 6072 Preceptorship II 9
PAS 6073 Preceptorship III 9
CPH Examination
NCCPA Examination

Core Curriculum Credit Hour Sub-Total 78 PA
30 MPH
15 Shared

Master in Gerontology and PA studies (MSG/MPAS)