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The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR) ranked DFPM #3 for NIH funding among all U.S. family medicine departments for the year 2021. DFPM holds the highest BRIMR ranking in the UU School of Medicine.



The mission of the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine research is to expand the possibilities of health through discovering the determinants of health and developing evidence to improve health.

The department primarily focuses on these research areas:


    • Global Health
    • Health Professions Workforce
    • Primary Care Research
    • Quality Improvement in Health Care
    • Health Disparities
    • Infection Prevention
    • Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention


    • Reproductive & Women's Health
    • Occupational Health
    • Environmental Health
    • Life Course Epidemiology & Health
    • Emergency Preparedness & Disaster
    • Substance Abuse
Group Mtg

Joseph B. Stanford, MD, MSPH, CFCMC


Vice Chair, Research
Director, Health Studies Fund
Chair, Research and Scholarship Committee

Melanie Steiner-Sherwood, PhD

Director, Research & Scholarship