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Our residents are introduced to clinical leadership and research skills through clinical quality improvement project participation as a PGY1 and PGY2. As a PGY3, residents receive further directed education in these skills, which culminates in leading an inter-professional team in a year-long quality improvement project. The results from each project are finalized in poster format, and residents present these outcomes regionally, with many having their work accepted for national presentation as well. Residents also have the opportunity to pursue additional scholarship projects in areas of their particular interest and passion.

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List of Recent Quality Improvement Scholarship

"Connecting “High Risk” Patients with a Primary Care Provider" Mauli Dalal, MD
Jos Novak, MD
"Improving Blood Pressure Control in Patients with Diabetes at Madsen Family Practice" Jared Smith, MD
Tory Toles, MD
"Improving Completion Rate of Sports Medicine Pre-Visit Knee X-Rays" Kaley Capitano, DO
"Improving Social Determinants of Health Screening and Follow Up: A Clinical Workflow Intervention" Stephanie Rolón Rodríguez, MD
Willem Schott, MD
"Increasing Utilization of Women’s Health Services at an Urban Family Medicine Residency" Britt Hultgren, MD
Lisa Weaver, MD
"Inter-professional Approach to Improving Hypertension Control at a Family Medicine Clinic" Jessica Morales, MD
"Increasing Internal Sports-Medicine Referrals at Family-Medicine Continuity Clinics" Sara Walker, MD
Nick Molby, DO
Sherilyn DeStefano, MD
"Chronic Pain Management-Urine Drug Screening" Jojo Salay, MD
"Using SBAR Standardized Communication Between the Provider and the Medical Assistant to Close Care Gaps and Provide Quality Care" Greg Jones, MD
Christine Kwon, MD
"Connecting High-Risk Patients with a Primary Care Provider" Winston Plunkett, MD
Noah Zucker, MD
Jos Novak, MD
"Increasing Women's Health Utilization at SH" Aaron Gale, MD