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Lisa Gren Named New Vice Chair of Education

Aug 01, 2022

Lisa H. Gren, PhD, MSPH, associate professor of public health, has been selected as the Vice-Chair of Education for the department. Dr. Gren’s appointment is effective July 1, 2022.

The Vice Chair of Education position will provide an essential tier of leadership in DFPM’s administration, helping to coordinate and direct the department’s educational mission. As part of her duties, Dr. Gren will work with educators at the department as well as across the University to promote and expand teaching and scholarship among DFPM faculty and students. In orchestrating educational efforts and establishing best pedagogical practices for the department, Dr. Gren will help increase the quality and accessibility of instruction found in DFPM classrooms across the divisions. She will also assume leadership of the DFPM education mission committee, helping to synchronize their efforts with the larger department vision for educational excellence.

Dr. Gren has been a longtime advocate and supporter of educational efforts in the department, serving on division and department education committees since 2011. She has additionally been involved in outreach and training in the community as a co-chair of the community engagement committee. In addition to these committee assignments, Dr. Gren has been deeply involved with the Learning Abroad working group, developing guidelines for public health’s many global learning programs, and has taught for the Division of Public Health in both South Korea and Ghana.

DFPM houses a wide range of educational programs, from practice-based clinical training to research-driven graduate programs to continuing education certification programs. Each of our programs caters to a unique set of students and requires specific tools and training be available to faculty for maximum teaching effectiveness. As Vice Chair of Education, Dr. Gren will oversee the effectiveness of these programs, working with Division Chiefs and Directors of Graduate Studies (DoGS) in the divisions to coordinate efforts, provide pedagogy resources, and assess educational outcomes.