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Public Health Presents to Local Geography Club About Ghana

On March 7, the Division of Public Health hosted a Geography Club comprised of homeschool students aged six to 12 years old.

Scott Benson, MD, PhD, MPH delivered a presentation to the students about the country of Ghana. He discussed the geography and landscape, health disparities encountered, and shared the culture of the Ghanaian people.

Dr. Benson shared his personal experiences leading the global public health program to Ghana each summer and outlined the collaborative efforts between students and the local communities during the visits.

“It is unlikely that these kids have yet been to Africa. By setting a correct understanding of the range of development, opportunities and challenges that exist all around the world, hopefully we can dispel the thought that all low/middle income

counties are impoverished communities waiting for us to help them,” said Dr. Benson.

Addressing misconceptions about Africa gives students insight into the common aspirations and challenges shared by people globally as they strive to enhance their lives and those of their families and communities, emphasizing similarities outweigh differences.